Thursday, February 08, 2007

What is a Christian Anyway?

One of the chief responsibilities of being a Christian, at least in the United Church of Christ, can be summed up as also a Prime Directive of sorts. It is our responsibility to reinterpret what it means to be a Christian in every generation. And this is no small feat. It takes great insight and discernment as to how we use our faith to inform and transform our culture.

But in order to do that effectively, we must, admittedly ask ourselves, What does it mean to be a Christian?

Here is one of the best responses I've read in ages. It is from a friend's blog who is quoting another friend. Instead of linking you to that friend of a friend, I'll just direct you to my friend. And, while you're there, have a looksee at his blog.


Paul said...

Hey, Bo. Thanks for the link!

Bo said...

You're quite welcome. I know quite a few folks who will love your insights.