Monday, April 16, 2007

A New Purpose with the Blog

As many of you have noticed lately, my style of preaching has changed somewhat. Most notably for me, is that I seldom use a manuscript anymore--except when we have a full house and I get kind of nervous. Manuscripts are great when you're nervous.

My style of preaching now has me following an outline; which makes my sermon prep a bit different. While many of you have enjoyed the change, one huge drawback to preaching this way means that I no longer have a manuscript to post on the website. Sure, I could write out what I think I said, but it'd be different and might lose a lot from what was actually said during the sermon.

So as a result, I am thinking of making use of the church's blog to post "thoughts and tidbits" from the sermon for you to think about. In the event you missed the sermon, reading a post here might be curious enough for you to get the main idea of the message. You are also afforded an opportunity to respond to the blog post, especially if you were in church and heard the sermon. Your comments can help to highlight or focus attention, where necessary, on a sermon point.

All in all, I hope it is beneficial to you. I'll post a comment about yesterday's sermon sometime today.

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