Monday, May 14, 2007


So we didn't have our movie night last night in church. I had forgotten that we had rescheduled it because yesterday was Mother's Day. Who would think that you wouldn't want to come to church and see the M. Night Shamalan's The Village on Mother's Day? Well, me for one.

Anyways, we will show the movie next Sunday, May 20 at 5:00pm. We will be having a lot of activity next Sunday morning. We will be observing Christian Education Recognition as well as having an Ice Cream Social after church in celebration and thanksgiving for our Stewardship Campaign.

You are invited to return in the evening for our movie showing. We will have popcorn and soda as refreshments.

And, I should offer a word of warning. The movie is a somewhat scary one although it had a superb ending that will keep us awash in conversation. If you have young children, and even though the final scenes of the movie will dispel some of the myth of the movie, it still may scare the living daylights out of them. Maybe next Sunday would be a good night to have a babysitter? Or, if we get enough requests, perhaps we could have a babysitter here? Let the church know if that interests you.

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