Monday, September 24, 2007

Pastoral Update

What happened on Sunday is the first time I have ever missed church, when I wasn't scheduled to miss church, that is. I woke up early on Sunday morning (around 5:00am) and began my day. Around 8:00am, I suddenly felt dizzy, my heart was racing, and my breathing was more than labored. I had, what I thought was, a pulmonary embolism. I came to this conclusion after the warnings from the doctor from last week's diagnosis of the blood clot in my leg.

So I did what they told me to do if I ever felt light-headed, my heart racing, and my breathing labored: I called 911.

I must say, the paramedic response from the Cresskill Police Department was extraordinary. They were at my house in a minute--and the paramedics got me on oxygen as the ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. They too wondered if I might indeed have a embolism. I was rushed to the ER at Englewood Hospital where more tests and examinations would follow.

After several hours of tests and a CAT scan, it was determined that I did not have the embolism; they were uncertain exactly what had happened although they concede it could be a reaction to the medication I am taking.

I have an appointment with a new doctor on Tuesday where I will learn more about treating my blood clot and I'll pass along the information as soon as I know more.

I am feeling better today and have actually returned to the church office. Maggie is fine and she is sitting here relaxing in my uber comfortable reading chair.

I would like to send a special thanks to everyone who prayed for me during my scary moment and for those wishing me well, calling on me, bringing me tasty food and walking Maggie. I would also like to thank everyone who participated and helped lead the worship service in my absence.


Gabe said...

How have you been feeling? Any better? Sounds scary... will be praying! (Gabe again, in case you were wondering!) ;)

Bo said...


Thanks for asking. While this event was ages ago, it sure was a scary one. It turned out that the side effects of the medications I was taking (the ones where I gave myself shots in my stomach) caused the similar reactions to a pulmonary embolism.

Shortly after the ER visit, I was taken off the medication and I was fine. Since then, I have returned to fine health and am back to my old cheery self.