Monday, October 15, 2007

100th Anniversary Celebration

This past weekend was an incredible party! We celebrated our 100th Anniversary with a fancy dinner at The Assembly in Closter, NJ on Saturday night and had an incredible worship service on Sunday morning. Two of the things that made the service so memorable were the choir and our guest preacher, the Rev. Dr. John Deckenback.

A special thanks to Henry Hecht and Julie Schmidt for writing and composing a special anniversary choral song. With our choir and guest singers and musicians, it make for an awe inspiring gift for the service. Cory led the choir in several anthems and songs that uplifted the event. Capping off the choir, our Conference Minister John Deckenback preached for us in his grandfather's church. John's grandfather was the Rev. Horrace Hughes, the pastor in our church for 32 years.

After the service, we had an incredible luncheon and a walk through our history. Our pumpkins arrived by truck and were unloaded and set up in front of the church. Hundreds and hundreds of the pumpkins now adorn the front lawn of the church ready to be purchased for the fall season and Halloween.

We've had a busy weekend for sure! If you see any of the member of the 100th Anniversary Committee, be sure to thank them for organizing such an incredible anniversary weekend. The committee is made up of Ginny Marx, Ann Buonarota, Judy Russell, Gordon Wallace, and Laurie Lazzaro.

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