Thursday, November 01, 2007

For the Bible Tells Me So

I've posted this video elsewhere but wanted to share it with you now. As many of you know, our congregation is in the process of discerning an Open and Affirming resolution to affirm gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender folk into the full life of the church. The issues we're discussing include but are not limited to, why do we need to do it, what is its purpose, and how will the congregation be affected by it.

One element of the discerning process will inevitably include looking at Scripture and what it has to say. As many people understand, people have used the Scripture throughout history for a number of purposes to include justifying slavery (for the Bible condones it), the subjugation of women (and its pretty clear on the role of women), as well as ajustification of condemning gay and lesbian persons. And yet, the Bible also challenges the notion that slavery is not what God wants for us, that women are more valuable than a man's possession, and that God loves and values all of God's creation including gay and lesbian men and women. When it comes to Scripture, understanding how to read it and apply is paramount.

I invite you to join us each step of the way as we grow in understanding and move toward a discernment that answers the question for us, "Should we declare and pass an Open and Affirming resolution?"

And, to help whet your understanding of this issue, please watch the video below.

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