Wednesday, February 20, 2008

eBooks on Finances

You know, when it comes to our personal finances, there is a commonly help belief that if you save more than you spend, OR if you live below your means, then that is all you need to know to not be in debt. In actuality, it's more than that (although certainly it contains that too). We need to continually educate ourselves regarding what we buy, how we shop, and what credit and investments are all about. Only by immersing ourselves in the ways we shop, save, and invest can we truly break the cycle of debt that our consumerist culture constantly throws at us.

Today I found a great resource to help us educate ourselves. I have a blog post that pointed me to another blog post that contains 30 eBooks (actually they are just .pdf files that you can read on your Palm Pilot or computer). These files contain a wealth of information (pun intended).

h/t Dumb Little Man

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