Saturday, March 15, 2008

Understanding Dr. Wright

It's tough for some of us to understand and interpret what Dr. Jeremiah Wright is talking about, when it comes to politics and prophecy, especially if we're white and live in a white-dominated society. His words, whether inspirational or alienating (or even strange) are the words he speaks in a different setting. Couple this automatic misunderstanding with our inherent racism against anything that challenges white folk's sense of the status quo, and you get words spoken out of context and almost nearly impossible to understand.

Diana Butler Bass writes a very clear post about understanding Dr. Wright in a way that doesn't diminish him; rather it beckons us to understand the nature and style of African-American preaching that has at its root the oppressive nature of slavery and a reaction to white America's inherent racism.

To me, she explains it far better than I ever could.


David F. said...


Jeremiah Wright for UCC President

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I’m guessing that about half the people viewing that headline just had a stroke and fell over. For the rest of you still reading, stick with me here.

John Thomas’ tenure as the President and General Minister of the United Church of Christ will end next year when a new President will be elected at General Synod. The search committee is already beginning the process and they’ve already asked for names of potential candidates (just email I’d like to be the first to kick off the “Wright for UCC President” campaign and I hope you will join me by emailing with a strong recommendation that Wright be considered.

Why should Wright be the next United Church of Christ President?

1) Wright epitomizes the leadership of the UCC and the transition to President will be a smooth one. His “God Damn America” sermon wasn’t all that different from John Thomas’ claim that the Axis of Evil “runs the length and breadth of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

2) Wright already has the full support of the United Church of Christ executive council. This is a big step to getting elected as President.

3) The United Church of Christ would save at least $2-3 million in advertising costs - Wright is a walking, talking publicity machine! He literally pays his own salary for 10 years on the first day.

4) John Thomas has already destroyed our interfaith relationship with the Jewish community, Wright can only be seen as an improvement.

5) Sales of United Church of Christ merchandise and DVD’s of Wright’s speeches would explode based on what the news media would purchase and profits could fund new church starts all over the country

That’s enough reasons for now, I’m sure people will chime in with more ideas.

Forward this to as many friends as you can and be sure to suggest Wright for President of the United Church of Christ by emailing today!

Bo said...

Thanks for commenting, David. I do appreciate your humor even if I think John Thomas has done a great job with the UCC.

Dr. Wright has been saying things of late that'd make many folks squirm (including many liberals). It is my belief that he's taking his pulpit mantra to the pulpit of public opinion, where one may not understand the basis for his rants, and discovers how easily his words are misinterpreted/interpreted as racist itself.

Unfortunately for many people hearing about Wright, all they are hearing are sound bites of those trying to discredit Obama rather than listen to Wright's message about the effects of racism in America. That said, Wright is at fault for not considering who his audience is before engaging his rants; as a result, his words have only served to fuel the fires in the conservative echo-chambers of the media made up of white racists and political pundits looking for that sensational story.