Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Night at Drew University

I have been thinking about keeping some sort of travelogue concerning my 3-weeks at school. I want to keep you, dear church member or anyone else who might be reading this, up to date on what I am doing, learning, and other fun activities.

This being my first post, I want to let you know what I've been up to today. Following Sunday morning worship, I went home and packed and played on the Xbox, packed some more, ate, took a nap, packed, played with the dog, and then I was done. After all that, I was kind of too tired to leave but I did. I left Cresskill about 4:30 PM and arrived in Madison, NJ before 6:00 PM. Getting my keys and pertinent information, I drove to the dorms where I got myself situated. Then, I moved the furniture to fit my space, went shopping, set up my computer and printer, and ate cereal for dinner.

Now I am going to do some reading and get to sleep. My day begins at 7:30 AM and its promising to be a big day. I'll write about it tomorrow night.

I hope to keep these posts somewhat interesting. If I think I am boring you to death, I may just write a 3-week summary when it's all over. ;)

See you tomorrow night! (on here)

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