Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Growing a Church

Bob Hyatt, is a church planter and new pastor of a church in Evergreen Community Church in Portland, Oregon. The church began with just a few folks and has grown exponentially. There are troubles with growing too fast- most notably that the attention necessary to meet and greet the newcomers gets lost and they leave feeling as though the church doesn't care about them.

And so a church reacts by adding new ministers and new programs, over-extending itself and sometimes putting themselves in debt. Working your tail off to get the church and going can also lead to burnout and a whole host of other problems.

Presently his church meets in homes, at neighborhood bars, or anywhere else they can find a place to put all the people. What his church is doing is inspirational and shows how creative they are in coming up with new ideas to tell "the old, old, story."

Bob writes about his struggles in his church start. Reading his thoughts and insights you can tell he is a soul searcher doing an amazing thing. Check out his blog, visit his church wesbite, and think how we can do something similiar here.

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