Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time Lapse Moon Rise

I find something spiritual in those time-lapse movies, the ones where you can watch an entire week's worth of a happening in like, a minute or two. Maybe it's because of the reminder that we're here only for a little while, in the larger scheme of things. Think about it, moons rise, tides come in, suns set and they've been doing all of these things for millions of years. And comparably, we're here for only what seems like seconds to the Universe.

To me, it makes me feel like I am part of something much larger than myself and it gives me a comfort that is difficult to express. As if what I am doing is part of everything else and, while only brief, what I do (whatever that is) will be contributing to the scheme of life.

How do you feel about the greater scheme of things? To help think about this, check out this example of a time-lapse moon rising.

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