Friday, January 04, 2008

Am Back and Ready to Go

I am finally home from my vacation in Oklahoma. I had a wonderful time of rest, relaxation, and weight-gain. While the weight-gain doesn't bother me as much this year as last, I am getting rested up enough to begin the long process of shedding those extra pounds.

And, besides shedding the pounds, I want to begin this year afresh in other ways. Looking at my spirituality, my relationships with friends, and my worldly pursuits, I want to examine why I do what I do. I love beginning a new year with thoughts that this year, I am going to live better, do more, and enjoy myself as much as possible.

What do you do in each new year? Do you make resolutions? Promises? Do you reflect on a past year of living?

We oughta have a fellowship time to discuss and share what our new year will bring us. Don't be surprised if I invite you all over to the parsonage for an open house and open discussion. Afterall, I didn't have an open house this Christmas--so having it in January makes sense.

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