Friday, January 11, 2008

And Lead Me Not Into Temptation...

One of my biggest challenges when it comes to spending wisely is being tempted to buy something on sale--or to accept a pre-approved credit card in order to buy that special something offered at a discounted price. Overcoming this temptation may be to avoid getting tempted in the first place. You know all that junk mail you get every day? What if you could "opt out" from the fliers, credit card applications, and sale announcements? has a wonderful post that can help you do just that. Here is one example:

Opt Out of Prescreened Credit Card Offers
Probably the biggest culprit, unsolicited credit card offers not only clutter the mailbox, but because of the included plastic "sample" card are also difficult to shred. You can opt out of these credit card offers by visiting OptOut, the official service to be removed from the mailing lists of the consumer credit companies.
Go to this post and you'll find a way to clean up your snail mail box. While you're at it, you'll also find a way to declutter it (which is really what the Lifehacker post is all about to begin with).

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